The Stark Inc. Journey

A chance encounter at concierge with the captivating scent of the Oriental Lily whilst on business sparked the Stark Inc. journey.

Peter BosanquetFor Yattee Farms proprietor, Peter Bosanquet, it was an easy decision to add the Oriental Lily to Yattee Farms’ product line. The lilies grew extremely well in the lush, tropical climate of Cairns—but the scent was stunning, far superior to the refrigerated lilies found in a hotel lobby.

This observation inspired Peter to reach out to a renowned perfumer in Paris to develop a scent based around the Oriental Lily. Intrigued by the concept, the perfumer sent some sample vials a few months later.

Delighted with the scent, and the many compliments received, Stark Inc. Original Fragrances was born—and several new fragrances were commissioned, including a line for men.

Production of Stark Inc. Original Fragrances begins in France, where the component oils are created under license to Stark. Upon arrival in Cairns, these oils are mixed with the highest grade of perfume ethanol available and the purest distilled water under strict laboratory conditions.

The result is stored for several weeks to allow the components to macerate into Eau de Parfum.

As a high-grade perfume, you will notice that Stark Inc. Original Fragrances lack the alcohol “burn off” that many other fragrances exhibit—no waving tester strips needed!

Many have told us that they are not fans of “floral” fragrances—yet a test of our fragrances has converted many!

Stark Inc. Original Fragrances are available at select retailers as well as online. See our stockists in-store to sample our fragrances, or try all of our fragrances on a convenient sample card.